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Our Mission

Choose to DO, Inc.'s mission is to focus on the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking.


We encourage thought and self-reflection in our young adults because we believe that changing your mindset, changes your outcome.


Our children are supported in their abilities, strengths, and values, no matter who society tells them to be. 


We want our children to enjoy themselves and recognize that when a child has a smile on their face, they are more willing to deal with the daily stresses of life.

Meet the Founder/CEO

Hi! My name is Dozie Oheri and I am the Founder/CEO of Choose to DO, Inc. I started the nonprofit because of:

  • The things I felt I missed as a child.
  • What I learned from being an educator and a caregiver.
  • What I learned about myself from therapy as an adult.
  • What I learned from my time spent working with other nonprofits.

Through Choose to DO, Inc., my job is to empower and support our youth.

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Board of Directors

2019 - 2021

Shakila Miller - Brewer


Attorney at Law

Dr. Sergio Ortiz

Vice President

RSC - Social Worker Services

Tai Stewart



Erina Love


United Airline Air Stewardess

Jonathan Manuel Roman Diaz

Board Member

Trade Marketing Analyst