Sep 24 2020


3:30 pm - 4:10 pm

Developing Your Crown: A Lesson on Self Awareness

Choose to DO, Inc.’s online classes provide at home instructions, as an extension of our initiative to tackle low self esteem in young adults 9 – 19 years old. We collaborate with like minded businesses, individuals and organizations that volunteer their time to teach an online class, from 1 of our 3 subject categories.

Subject Categories

Self-Esteem: Is made up of two subcategories:
Boosting Self – Esteem – Discussing healthy ways to build self-esteem by using personal experiences.
Health and Wellness – Discuss physical, mental, and/or social well-being.

Let’s Be Leaders Today – Discuss confidence and team building.

Developmental Challenges – Discuss learning challenges and social development. Speaker must be certified, licensed or have a degree.

Aisha Freeman is the non-profit Founder and Executive Director of Run Your Queendom Inc. Aisha focuses on girl development and enrichment by hosting seminars and workshops that focus on confidence building, academic enrichment and wellness.

Developing Your Crown: A Lesson on Self Awareness

*Classes are pre-recorded. Check back to watch this class video on our YouTube Channel*