Aug 21 2020


5:00 pm - 5:40 pm

Building Self – Esteem Through Self Knowledge

Choose to DO, Inc.’s online classes provide at home instructions, as an extension of our initiative to tackle low self esteem in young adults 9 – 19 years old. We collaborate with like minded businesses, individuals and organizations that volunteer their time to teach an online class, from 1 of our 3 subject categories.

Subject Categories

Self-Esteem: Is made up of two subcategories:
Boosting Self – Esteem – Discussing healthy ways to build self-esteem by using personal experiences.
Health and Wellness – Discuss physical, mental, and/or social well-being.

Let’s Be Leaders Today – Discuss confidence and team building.

Developmental Challenges – Discuss learning challenges and social development. Speaker must be certified, licensed or have a degree.

John Light, Jr. is a Librarian and a Storyteller. He has worked in Library Services for over 10 years and currently works in Youth Services. His patrons refer to him as Mister John.

Building Self – Esteem Through Self Knowledge

*Classes are pre-recorded. Check back to watch this class video on our YouTube Channel*