Jul 30 2020


3:30 pm - 4:10 pm

Leadership For The Creative Mind

Choose to DO, Inc.’s online classes provide at home instructions, as an extension of our initiative to tackle low self esteem in young adults 9 – 19 years old. We collaborate with like minded businesses, individuals and organizations that volunteer their time to teach an online class, from 1 of our 3 subject categories.

Subject Categories

Self-Esteem: Is made up of two subcategories
Boosting Self – Esteem – Discuss healthy methods to build self-esteem.
Health and Wellness – Discuss physical, mental, and social well-being.

Let’s Be Leaders Today – Discuss confidence and team building.

Developmental Challenges – Discuss learning challenges and social development. Speaker must be certified, licensed or have a degree.

Sha Davis is a classically trained vocalist who has toured with All-Star operatic groups for the majority of her career now, forging her own sound under the guidance of industry luminaries. She dropped her first full album, Heartbreak, in 2012, and began performing hundreds of shows around the US with her 5-piece-band Sha Davis & The 1990’s, securing spots on open festivals and mini college tours. She is also the Co-Owner of Houston, all WOC Art Collective, House of HER. This phenomenal collective has been internationally published  times in the last year! This was all accomplished while Davis held down a demanding day job as an HQ Manager in the tech industry.

Leadership For The Creative Mind

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