Virtual Volunteer Positions

Choose to DO, Inc. is a nonprofit, founded March 8, 2016, that mentors youth with underutilized potential ages 9 - 19 years old. Our mission is to focus on the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking.

Virtual Volunteers fill a designated job position within Choose to DO, Inc., where they offer their expertise to help the organization grow. Virtual Volunteers work remotely for a 3 or 6 month term, 5 - 10+ hours a week.

18 years and older may apply. Younger than 18 can apply with parent/legal guardian consent.

Digital Marketing Assistant Virtual Volunteer

Works on projects across various digital and social channels, supporting our initiatives, and providing analysis and recommendations.

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The Brand Awareness Assistant Virtual Volunteer

Drives awareness and growth for Choose to DO, Inc. 

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Multimedia Designer Virtual Volunteer

Is the creative mind behind graphics, informational videos, and many other types of online content.

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Fundraiser Coordinator Virtual Volunteer

Focuses on individual, corporate, and foundation fundraising to meet Choose to DO, Inc.’s annual revenue and campaign goals.

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Web Designer Virtual Volunteer

Plans, creates and codes Choose to DO, Inc.’s websites, which combine text, pictures, graphics and video clips.

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Grant Writer Virtual Volunteer

Writes grant proposals for Choose to DO, Inc. and applies knowledge of fundraising methods and plans to reach revenue goals.

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