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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Outcome

Choose to DO, Inc. is a nonprofit, founded March 8, 2016, that mentors underprivileged youth. Our purpose is to inspire children to become better versions of themselves by providing environments where they are supported and empowered.

Our Programs

We've developed mentorship programs to teach our youth the importance of having a positive mindset to help them maneuver the daily stresses of life.

Get Involved

We are mobilizing Individual and corporate volunteers in the Greater Houston area. Sign up to help make a real change and a lasting impact in the lives of our youth.


Your donation will help us achieve our mission of focusing on the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking, while exposing our youth to new life experiences.

We believe in the power that children have in this world

Large numbers of children across the U.S. are affected by risk factors that are associated with negative outcomes. These children often don’t have a support system at home and don’t cope well with the challenges that they face. (Source: National Center for Children in Poverty)

At Choose to DO, Inc. we encourage forward thinking among at risk youth. Our mentorship programs encourage each child to push past their limitations, explore their imaginations and invoke emotion. We inspire our children to step outside of their comfort zone, in order to help them move forward in life.

How We Work

We're passionate about our initiative to tackle low self-esteem in young adults. Using our public donations to fund our programs and proving where every dollar goes, with visual reports and photos. Here is the progress we've made since we started our work in 2017

Number of Youth Served
Number of Classes
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