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Community Partners.

Community Partners are youth-centric locations that exhibit a significant population of black teens, 12 – 17-year-olds, such as schools, government agencies, and organizations. 

“A multitude of barriers keep Black children, and their families, from receiving treatment. They need help to deal with the pervasive poverty and racism that surrounds them.” 

-Rebecca Klisz-Hulbert, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Partner with Choose to DO in Developing the Minds and Healing the Hearts of Our Children

When you partner with us, the youth are the winners. The young people in our programs:

Learn who they are, identifying their gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses.

Weekly interactive series on the proper way to develop self-esteem and delve deeply into self-love.

Building a trusting environment by hosting weekly discussions with physical engagement, whole group interactions, and snacks.

Engaging and age-appropriate artistic materials such as vision boards, and “selfie” renderings, to encourage students to illustrate their thoughts.

Access to professional speakers at the end of the series as well as other self-care bonuses.

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