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Our Programs

Choose to DO, Inc. sets out to tackle low self esteem in youth ages 9 -19 years old. We teach children the importance of having a positive mindset in order to help them maneuver the daily stresses of life. 

Our Core Values




Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle is a program, made up of 5 classes, that promotes self-love and leadership among boys and girls 9 - 19 years old. Breaking the Cycle offers a judgement free space to have open discussions about personal struggles and to learn healthy ways to work through those issues.

Spa Day

Spa Day is a summary of the lessons learned from Breaking the Cycle. Its purpose is to give boys and girls 9 - 19 years old, a different perspective on what self care looks like and feels like.

Internship Program

Choose to DO, Inc.'s internship program gives individuals the opportunity to gain working experience, make connections in their areas of interest and cultivates talent.

Our interns are high school, college students and working adults. They enroll in internships that range from a semester (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) to a full year. We work with local universities to provide course credit to student interns as an incentive. 


Online Courses

Choose to DO, Inc.'s online classes provide at home instructions, as an extension of our initiative to tackle low self esteem in young adults 9 - 19 years old. Online courses are for families, individuals and institutions that care for young adults.