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Our volunteers are awesome! You support us by joining our initiative to tackle low self-esteem in young men and women by starting right now!

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With the help of our AWESOME volunteers, we have been able to serve over 500 youth since our inception!

Join our mission to provide mental health resources to BIPOC teens in low-income areas by signing up to be volunteer today!

Choose to DO, Inc. wants to tap into your talents! At the moment, we're in the process of scheduling our 2024 programs.

To volunteer, click the link below to complete the Volunteer Registration Process, and then check your email for next steps!


Our instructors use their personal or professional experiences to teach a designated lesson plan from one of our programs. They educate our youth on how to use these lessons to navigate their issues. Exposing them to individuals with diverse backgrounds profoundly impacts youth typically not exposed to these unique

Volunteer Mentors

Our volunteer mentors provide a relationship with our youth (in a group setting) to engage with them, build positive, supportive relationships and have fun in a calm and nurturing environment. They help with greeting and signing in participating youth, organize and pass out supplies (yoga mats, snacks, paper, markers, etc.), and assist with the program's interactive personal and professional development activities with our youth under the direction of the program instructor. Additionally, through participation, volunteer mentors also learn the benefits of incorporating the lessons taught to help relieve personal-related stresses and learn new skills to obtain a work-life balance while contributing to a positive atmosphere for our youth participants.

Corporate Volunteers 

Our corporate volunteers are employees of businesses that participate in A Day of Service through Choose to DO, Inc. A Day of Service is when a group of volunteers works on a community project that benefits our youth. Corporate volunteers could sign up their employees to work a scheduled program as volunteer instructors or mentors as a group or, for a few hours, assist with a community project such as assembling program supplies, etc. Our corporate volunteers get to make a difference in the lives of our youth, help Choose to DO, Inc. with organizational support, and potentially receive incentives from their company.

Event Volunteers

Our event volunteers help increase the awareness of the organization by leveraging their networks which include personal networks or social media networks. They also attend community events to provide information and insight into the organization. Our event volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth, helping Choose to DO, Inc. to reach potential donors and volunteers who are interested in making a contribution.

Your Donation Will Change Lives!

Choose to DO, Inc. is looking for volunteers! At the moment, we are in the process of scheduling our 2024 programs. To volunteer, click the link below to complete the Volunteer Registration Process and then check your email for updates!

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