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Our programs are designed to teach our teens the importance of having a positive mindset in order to help them maneuver the daily stresses of life.

“We know that mental health increases a thousand fold when we offer mental health intervention in schools.” 

-Jami Howard, Clinical Psychologist


Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle is a 5-week program that promotes self-love and leadership among girls and boys. Check out Breaking the Cycle’s recap video and view the programs impact below.

Class 1: Positive Versus Negative Self Talk
Class 2: Healthy Versus Unhealthy Love Relationships
Class 3: Let’s Talk Fears
Class 4: Defining Your Life’s Purpose
Class 5: Spa Day


Internship Program

Choose to DO, Inc.’s internship program values and gives individuals autonomy over their role, offers training and networking opportunities, and has open and transparent communication. We build leaders who are prepared to effect positive change in the world. The internship program is for high school and college students. Positions are hybrid and students can receive course credit as an incentive based on their institution. Are you ready to grow personally and professionally? Do you want to work for an organization where you are valued?


Mindfulness Project

In 2021, the Mindfulness Project was founded by Justine Fanarof, Kelsey Brochu, Tiffany Echevarria, and Anietie Akpan as a collaborative effort for yoga and meditation instructors to volunteer their time to educate youth on alternative methods of creating balance in their lives.

With the Mindfulness Project, we are creating a space where youth feel free to explore their life experiences with awareness, wholeness, and freedom. This program teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices that support a child’s holistic social and emotional development through adolescence and adulthood. Click the button if you are interested in volunteering as an Instructor or Mentor.

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