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Why should I support this organization?
Is Choose to DO, Inc. a tax-exempt organization?
What does my donation go towards?
How do I become a volunteer?
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According to Mental Health America, Texas ranks 50th for access to mental health care. This is substantial because Texas is considered one of the most ethnically diverse states, 37.3% Anglo, 36.5% Hispanic, 16.9% African American, 7.5% Asian/Other, and 1.8% Other. Within this subset of diversity, African American youth reportedly are less likely to receive mental health treatment following depressive episodes and other mental health crises. The gap is evident between mental health services and African American youth in particular. Without African American youth having access to health care or mental health intervention, as a community we run the risk of exacerbating the cycle of intergenerational trauma, the school-to-prison pipeline, and upward mobility amongst young African Americans in general. Choose to DO, Inc. intends on filling this access need by taking a proactive approach to mental health and wellness by providing and focusing on social-emotional learning(SEL) opportunities.

Yes, we are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to us are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Choose to DO, Inc. can best support black youth post-pandemic because 100% of its efforts support black girls and boys.

It’s easy to become a volunteer. We have a simple 3-step process that you can complete on our website. Just click here to start the process.

To compensate for the disadvantages and lack of resources black youth grapple with, specialized services curated specifically for black teens are the most efficient way to address their need for mental health support. Choose to DO, Inc. is dedicating all its resources to creating these programs specifically targeting black youth. Unlike their local competitors, Choose to DO, Inc. is committed to solely servicing black youth because they are the demographic with the highest need for mental health development.

You can find information about our programs on our Programs page. We also frequently update our social media pages with event details.

We are open to collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organizations. Please reach out to us through our Contact Us page to discuss potential partnerships.

We provide information about our organization by posting all of our annual and financial reports for easy access. 

Yes, we often accept in-kind donations. Please contact us to discuss your donation and its suitability for our organization.

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