The Need drives

Our Why.

This is why we care so much about the mental health of black teens and why you should care too.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measure by the compassionate action of its members.” 

-Coretta Scott King

The community is impacted greatly when African American youth mental health is not being addressed and talked about.

Intergenerational trauma is passed down generation after generation when there is not someone who can break the cycle. Black trauma affects the entire community as we see a lack of access to health care, greater crime and drug use as well as disruptions in education. Choose to DO, Inc. serves as a catalyst for culturally appropriate personal development related to mental health education for African American youth. We see the effects on society, our communities, and the individual when this need is not met and the role Choose to DO, Inc. can play in fulfilling this need.

Our Programs Impact…

Through our diverse programming, Choose to DO, Inc. impacts many lives.


The Student

We directly impact the lives of black teens between the ages of 12-17.


The parents are at the forefront of seeing the impact that our programming is having on the lives of the students we serve.

Youth peers

This includes youth not in the program but others who interact with the students on a regular basis through school and other activities.


Anyone who volunteers to assist with our programming from our diverse network of corporate volunteers to our community partners.


These are educators, coaches, church members, family, friends and other people the student interacts with outside of their home.

After engaging in our programs, students can expect to experience…

  • a more positive mindset
  • increased self-esteem
  • less anxiety
  • more self-awareness and self-control
  • better interpersonal skills

All these benefits lead to better outcomes in school and beyond.

Learn more about our why

Needs Assessment

Learn more about what’s behind our mission and WHY we do what we do to help Black youth. Download a copy of our Needs Assessment Report. 

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